About LMS

    LMS was established in 2008. with wide presence in India & 12 locations abroad and employing more than 80 full-time personnel, LMS . is never very far from its Clients. It is easily recognized by all stakeholders as one of the most competent, ethical & professional service. Being the market leader, We offer very comprehensive and diverse range of technical services to our clients. Our Clientele includes some of the Leading corporate houses, Public sector organizations, medium and small scale enterprises. LMS  provides diverse services in Management Systems - Quality, Environment, Safety, Food, Information Technology, and Energy Management etc.. Training in allied areas like Lead Auditor, Internal Auditor & awareness courses.

    Third Party Inspection, Product Certification (CE), Automotive Homologation, Six Sigma etc.

    LMS Offers Training Services with LMS Training. LMS Training is approved training partner of IRCA with ATP no, 6017557. we can offer Lead Auditor, Internal Auditor, Skill Training and Awareness Training on Various National and International Standard for more details kindly visit on so www.lmsacademy.com

    Why LMS ?

    • LMS use only experienced auditors who are trained to carry out assessment with minimal disruption of work.
    • LMS is a quick, flexible and professionally managed company.
    • LMS is not interested in just Winning Contracts with its client but seeks long-term relationship with its clients.
    • LMS will be both courteous and sensitive to your staff at all times. LMS fully understand the stress that people experience during implementation.
    • LMS believes in quality and not quantity.

    Our Assessors/Auditors

    LMS Assessors/Lead auditors are qualified professionals having vast experience assessment of ISO Standards in the manufacturing and the service industries as well as in the IT Industry. LMS achieved this by working on fundamentals of ISO and addressing the core issues of the system.


    LMS Management is committed to ensure that the all Management system Certification activities are undertaken in an impartial and unbiased manner's LMS personnel either internal or external committees thereof who could influence any certification process are obliged to act impartially and shall not allow commercial, financial or other pressure that would compromise their impartiality in any way.

    LMS provides certification services in such a way that activities and relationship do not cause any possible conflict of interest.

    However if relationship creates a threat to impartiality. LMS document and demonstrate that how to eliminate such threat and the relevant information will be available for those concerned. the top Management is committed and takes measure in order that if relationship of the person of his employer that involved in the certification organization to be is audited is found to pose an unacceptable threat to impartiality and is to extent to which impartiality could be promised then he certification body immediately cease the environment of that particular person of or his employer in any certification activity of the organization to be audited.

    As a result of all facts specified above, No Management system consultancy will be provided by the LMS. The top management of LMS is committed to respect to support to the independent operation of the LMS and if any relationship (internal or external) that poses an acceptable threat to impartiality exists, then certification services shall not be provided.


    The LMS aims to promote, encourage awareness, environmental responsibility and help to continuously improve certification management issues within industry, commerce and the public domain. We understand the importance of impartiality in carrying out our management system certification activities, manage conflict of interest and ensure the objectivity of our management system certification activities.

    We wish to achieve our aims as a major international accredited LMS and recognize that effective management of our customers, our staff, our certification process and our business results makes good business sense. It will be a fundamental and integral part of our business strategy.

    We will achieve this by:-

    • Offering an international certification service in accordance with ISO 17021 that is fair impartial and objective to all who wish to avail themselves of our service.
    • Providing our customers with a professional service that is perceived to add value to their business and satisfy their expectations.
    • Practicing sound certification principles through competent staff.
    • Caring for and valuing our staff.
    • Brief and train our staff to deliver Audits that satisfy our customers, supervisory body and the standard we set
    • Developing an open exchange of information with organizations and the public on the certification service that we offer.
    • Continuously improving the certification service we offer .
    • Practicing sound business principles to manage the LMS and give a return on our shareholder’s investment.
    • Records of certified clients and previously certified clients shall be retained for the duration of the current cycle plus one full certification cycle.
    • Communicating this policy to our staff, customers and interested parties.