GDP - Good Distribution Practices

    Good distribution practices ensure maintaining product safety and quality during distribution across the supply chain and this practice is of significant importance for the pharmaceutical industry. Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Compliance report for Pharmaceutical Industry demonstrates Quality commitment & sound practices in the entire pharmaceutical distribution supply chain.

    Managing quality of medicines during distribution is a challenging operation. The challenges of the pharmaceutical products supply chain is and due to its specified shelf life and storage conditions. The various dosage forms (eg tablets, syrups, injectables etc.) are to be transported and stored at different environmental conditions hence all medicines cannot be handled with a general rule. viz the requirement of handling tablets, syrups and injectables shall widely vary.

    Benefits Of  GDP

    1. Ensures principles of GDP are applied throughout the supply chain.
    2. Maintains product integrity and patient safety.
    3. Helps achieve consistency.
    4. Reduces the risk of falsified medicines entering the supply chain.
    5. Reduces distribution complaints.
    6. Improves customer confidence.
    7. Reduces expensive mistakes.